DVD or Blu-Ray – Professionally recorded and edited with music

  • Recorded just for you, as a great memory from your tour
  • Professionally edited and narrated video with a music
  • Stardust Hawaii tour professional recorded and edited videos are the verification of your thrilling experience on Maui Treasure Hunt adventure. There is nothing better than video memories on DVD or Blu-Ray Professionally recorded and edited with music from your thrilling vacation adventure.

    It is definitely the most unique and the best kids activity on Maui! Fun for the whole family! Make the most of your family time outdoors on our Treasure Hunt!  Our tour starts in beautiful nature, in deep Maui green forests with the most amazing sceneries.  You and your children will have a fantastic time outdoors together!  This is a real adventure, so get ready. You will be hiking in woods, cross the river, swimming in a lagoon and fulfilling fun tasks, while searching for a treasure.  Your children will have a time of their lives. They will reveal the mystery of a lost treasure and will be the ones to find it.

    This is really one of the best family adventure on Maui. So because of that said, you can’t have anything better than video memories in high definition quality written on DVD disc or Blu-Ray. Take this unique opportunity and order a DVD or Blu-Ray from your Treasure Hunt adventure on Maui, so you can share your memories with others at home in DVD or Blu-ray quality.


Additional information

Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 0.75 in
DVD or Blu-Ray

DVD $89.99, Blu-Ray $99.99


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