Save on Maui, as identified throughout, shall also include any and all companies doing business as owned subsidiaries of Save on Maui, and shall also mean any authorized agent for Save on Maui.

Placing an Order: Once you place your order (reserve your activity),  you will receive an automatic confirmation email about your payment, not the activity. Your activity will be confirmed in a separate email. By placing an order with us, you agree to check your email for a written email confirmation which will be sent to you with a voucher and additional information regarding your activity prior to your activity.  It is your responsibility to check your email for a confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation email with a voucher from us within 72 hours from the time you’ve placed your order online, you agree to contact us via phone or email and request confirmation and a voucher of your activity.

Save on Maui STRONGLY RECOMMENDS THE PURCHASE OF TRAVEL INSURANCE. This invoice constitutes notification of the offer to sell the traveler appropriate travel insurance for all travel and that you have been offered appropriate insurance coverage. This also acknowledges that you are aware of any and all penalties that will be charged by the travel vendor and that Save on Maui is not liable for any penalties assessed by the travel supplier or suppliers. Travel Insurance is highly recommended to cover all forms of travel. Acceptance of this invoice is acknowledgement that you have been made aware of the availability of travel insurance, and if insurance has not been purchased, this will act as acknowledgement that travel insurance has been declined on behalf of all travelers, and traveler is aware of the costs that may be associated with lack of travel insurance coverage when traveling or in the event of cancellation.

We acknowledge that terms and conditions posted on travel supplier sites are available to review. Acceptance of documents and/or invoices, either physical or electronic, is an acknowledgment that you accept these terms and conditions.

Cancelation Fees are imposed by almost all travel suppliers. These penalties are available from Save on Maui and on the travel supplier website. In addition, Save on Maui reserves the right, at Save on Maui’s discretion, to impose a cancellation penalty*.  By accepting this invoice, you agree to these cancellation penalties and further agree that there will be no attempt on your part to reverse any credit card charges for such penalties as applied by the vendor or Save on Maui.

Chargebacks or reversal of charges. This invoice serves as an acknowledgment that the charges made on your behalf for any form of travel purchased through Save on Maui are legitimate charges, and you will not challenge any legitimate charges made. In the event of doing any chargeback or attempt to reverse your credit card for these legitimate charges, you will be responsible for any court costs incurred by Save on Maui travel to recover those funds.

Checks returned for insufficient funds or stop payments, will result in maximum penalties as allowed by Hawaii Law and Statute. Insufficient funds checks will be subject to maximum penalties allowed and may be subject to criminal prosecution, and any other applicable laws and statutes.

Litigation: In case of litigation, all litigation will occur in a Hawaii Court of Law, or be mitigated by a licensed arbitrator chosen by Save on Maui travel.

Tour pricing is subject to change without notice due to currency fluctuations, tariff charges, or increases in operational expenses. In addition, some tours are based on a minimum number of guests participating. The tour company has the right to cancel a scheduled departure and offer an alternative date.

Forms of payment: Save on Maui travel accepts forms of payment as accepted by the travel provider. Checks are accepted no later than three weeks prior to payment due date by the vendor. Checks are not accepted for any nonrefundable travel. Credit cards are accepted for payment provided the travel supplier accepts them. An invoice from Save on Maui has the same strength as a signature on file and will be considered as such in a court of law or for any challenges to a reversal of charges on a credit card.

Ages of travelers: Travelers are subject to the restriction imposed by the travel provider as outlined online or in the appropriate brochure.

Save on Maui shall not be responsible for any traveler being denied boarding, or access to any form of travel or accommodations including but not limited to trains, planes, hotels, public or private transportation for any reason, including but not limited to health issues or insufficient documentation.

We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy lets you know how your personal information is processed and used. We will use your personal information only in ways that are compatible with this Privacy Policy.

We will NEVER sell your e-mail address or any other information about you to a third party.

When purchasing tickets, all information gathered is strictly confidential and shared only with our financial institution for processing!

We maintain a strict “No-Spam” policy, which means we do not sell, rent, or otherwise give your personal information to outside companies.

What are cookies? A cookie is a small piece of data that is sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer’s hard drive. A cookie can’t read data off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other sites. Cookies do not damage your system. We use cookies to identify which areas of our site you have visited, as well as providing performance functionality on our website.

If you require further details or have any questions or concerns with our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If the tour is canceled by the tour operator, the full ticket price will be refunded. Cancelations prior to 5 days are charged a minimum 10% of a ticket price per person as a administration fee. We charge 100% for No shows or cancelations within five days prior the tour or activity. Visitors may be responsible for all damage to equipment if such damage is determined to be the result of reckless and irresponsible operation by the guest.
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